Heat 2 contestants

Wayne Mazadza (* Heat Winner)

Gently-spoken Edinburgh based Zimbabwean new act barking with a mad set of disarmingly surreal gags. He loves vegetarians because then there’s more meat for him.

Adam Race

Born in Ipswich, now residing in East London. He does IT and Comedy, sometimes (for the right price) at the same time. If Adam was an Ice Cream, he’d be a Fab – I have no idea why.

Callum Scott

Callum Scott got into standup after being kicked out of one too many heavy metal bands, and hasn’t looked back since. Combining impotent rage with childlike awe and often painful truths, he’s getting by the only way he knows how.

Cheish Merryweather

In less than a year Cheish has embraced stand-up and become a hot new name throughout the UK. Don’t let the dress fool you…Witty, sharp, orginal and unexpected. To think it all started out as a drunken bet…

Glenn Moore

Glenn Moore is a newsreader on the radio in Sheffield, and was a runner-up in another competition last  year. He’s delighted to be taking part in ‘So You Think You’re Funny?’

Jack Stemp

Jack Stemp is a 21 year old from South East London. He is a self-confessed comedy geek, currently working for an entertainment marketing company, whose comedic style is mainly anecdotal because he loves a good story.

Robin Leitch

Hello, my name’s Robin and I have an irrational fear of photographs of airships from the 1920s. I don’t know why. I’ve spent the past few years scraping a living as a musician during which time a sense of humour has proved essential.

Tom Baker