Heat 5 contestants

Ingrid Dahle (* Heat Winner)

I am a Norwegian who has embraced the British humour, and now feel part of it. I live in Brighton were I have been part of the comedy scene for 1 year.
‘An engaging oddball, with innate funny’ – Chortle

Alex Smith

A journalist once said to me “we have a quote saying you’re style is posh, trendy, camp with a superiority complex.” They refused to reveal who had said this but whoever the judgmental SOB was, they were spot on.

Chris Chopping

It took Chris Chopping two years of working behind the bar and sweeping the floors at a top comedy club to summon the nerve to step up to the mic himself. Since then he hasn’t looked back.

Dan Caton

My name is Dan Caton. My serrated tongue and piercing observations are blended with vulnerability, boyish innocence and glitteringly camp displays to leave you befriended yet split at the sides.  I endeavour, above all, to entertain you.

David Reilly

David Reilly is a 22 year old comedian from Cavan, Ireland. He has been described as “immediately likable and very witty”. As well as stand up, David also writes for the Irish comedy site Humourisms.com.

James Beckett

James Beckett, a mopped hair stutterer and tricky little scamp with cheeky stage presence. His day to day is mostly filled with spreadsheets, so being let out at night is the only opportunity he gets to socialise.

Murdo Haggs

Always one to keep life easy Murdo wanted to try comedy, so he tried it.

Paul-David Collins

Paul-David Collins began performing stand-up in November 2011, after several years of writing. It’s gone pretty well so far, which he finds surprising and is always somewhat suspicious of, in case it has all been lies. He is married, with two children, who like it when he goes out.